Five of the most innovative E Ink display projects



E Ink displays are slowly making their presence felt in more than just electronic reading devices. From smartphones and smartwatches to something as specialized as a 32-inch digital newspaper, a bulletin board to even a beer fermentation monitor, as a MUO article on it reveals, it doesn’t seem there. have an end to the ways in which E Ink screens can be used.

Here are five of the most innovative ways to use the E Ink screen in recent times.

Open source customizable E Ink smartwatch

Smartwatches with electronic ink displays are still not so common, but here’s one that is both open source and fully customizable. Developed by Squarofumi (SQFMI), the smartwatch comes with a PCB they named Watchy and includes the ESP32-PICO, a LiPo battery connector, a few touch buttons, and a vibration motor. This makes it perfect for hobbyists to use the same to try and build something different based on the same.

Beer fermentation monitor

Fermenting beer at home can be an exciting thing to do. Add to that the ability to have an E Ink compatible electronic device to monitor the fermentation process and things get even more interesting. The entire installation includes a tilting hydrometer that works in conjunction with an ESP32 to monitor the process. A Firebase library is used to store the data from which an ESP8266 E Ink display retrieves it at 20 minute intervals. The display also relies on a library of custom fonts while everything is set up in an IKEA frame. All files used in the project are available on the hackaday page for the same.

32 inch E Ink Digital Journal

There aren’t many options when it comes to devices with large E Ink displays, which makes the E Ink Journal project unique with a massive 32-inch display. But then, anything smaller than that wouldn’t have served the purpose either, otherwise, it wouldn’t feel like you’re reading a real newspaper. For its content, the device is programmed to retrieve the latest news headlines from around the world in real time.

Open source information dashboard

Inkycal’s E Ink dashboard is unique in that you have full control over the design. In this way, you can use an E Ink screen and convert it to an information dashboard using the software along with step-by-step installation instructions available on GitHub. Lots of customization options are available in the form of modules for Calendar, Image, Slideshow, Feeds (RSS / ATOM), Actions, Weather, and Todoist. The Inkycal is also compatible with all Wi-Fi enabled Raspberry Pi models with 40 pins and e-paper screens from Waveshare.

IoT E Ink Display Panel

It is like a device with an E Ink screen which can be used to display various messages remotely. This makes it an ideal device for, for example, a bulletin board that can be pinned to the refrigerator. The screen can be used to display a message for someone else to pick up later. Another use case could be a shopping list. Developed by James Bruton, who developed the device, chose to rely on the Google Docs API so that anyone who can access Google Docs can make changes that then appear on the E Ink screen.


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