Upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro features bio-polymer construction with a paper-like feel



Not only will Realme’s next flagship phone, the GT 2 Pro be the latest and greatest specs, there is something else that sets the phone apart – a bio-polymer construction that cuts the plastic constituent to a bare minimum, Engadget reported. . That’s not all, as the phone is also the work of Japanese design icon Naoto Fukasawa of Muji and Infobar, who brought a paper-textured feel to the back of the phone. The only other time Realme has collaborated with the Japanese design master was for the GT Master Edition which launched in July 2021.

Coming back to the GT 2 Pro, it will be unique in that it is the only one of its kind to feature what is known as the Paper Tech Master Design. The pulp-derived biopolymer material was supplied by the Saudi Arabia-based company SABIC and received the international sustainability and carbon certification or ISCC. The latter should also be a measure of being at the top in terms of respect for the environment. It’s good to see the company expanding the same to packaging, where the plastic ratio has fallen to just 0.3%, down from 21.7% of its predecessors.

However, while the paper-like feel on the back of the phone may be a welcome change from the usual plastic or glass construction of almost any smartphone, there are a few unanswered questions. It’s as if the phone supports wireless charging, although it would be a small price to pay if it didn’t given its eco-friendly attribute. It will also be interesting to see how durable the construction is in real life, if it will be prone to stains, or for that matter, how easy it will be to clean the back surface, etc. .

Meanwhile, the square part just to the right of the camera module is no less intriguing either. For some sources, this could be a separate, stand-alone screen, possibly an E Ink-like electronic paper screen used to display notifications and other information. This, if true, will be a battery efficient method of showing current notifications that will have minimal impact on battery power.

Aside from that, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the phone pack in the best specs. These include the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC which makes it one of the first, after the Moto Edge X30, to integrate the latest Qualcomm chipset. The other unique aspect of the phone will be its 150 degree ultra wide angle camera, something that will allow the phone to have a sort of fisheye camera view. This is not available with the current line of smartphone cameras which achieve a 120 degree field of view.

The Realme GT 2 Pro can also score points against its rivals thanks to its innovative triple radio system, also known as the Antenna Array Matrix System. Realme describes it as the world’s first ultra-wideband antenna switching technology that allows the phone to lock onto one of dozens of on-board antennas that have the best signal. The system also includes a symmetrical Wi-Fi antenna which provides better signal stability by 20%.

Also worth mentioning is the 360 ​​degree NFC function which is achieved by connecting the NFC module to the top cellular antennas, in addition to its own antenna. This leads to an array of NFC 3 antennas and ensures that the phone is able to read NFC through either side of it, allowing for better Bluetooth pairing or more convenient contactless payments.

As for its availability, the Realme GT 2 Pro is slated to launch in China on January 4, 2022. It is not known when the phone will see an international launch, or what it might cost, although the company has historically been known for set the price of their phones. competitively.


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