The new interactive children’s e-book helps protect children from sexual abuse.


Interactive eBook available in English and Spanish

Sadly, millions of children are sexually abused every day by someone they know, love and trust. Sadly, many of these precious little innocents will never disclose the horrific crimes committed against them. “Why is it?” you can ask. Here are some reasons: The child may be afraid of their abuser, be embarrassed or, worst of all, the child may feel that these acts of violence are normal because they started before they could. walk or talk. But with your help, we can protect one child at a time from sexual abuse…. starting with YOURS!

Other books in the AddyBee123 collection include, My place in the sky, ABC Inspirations and Billy the Bully. Soon also available, A day with my dad.

Authors Sharon & Lin Kierra weave poignant and valuable stories brimming with lessons in self-confidence, self-awareness, inspiration and positivity. With their AddyBee123 collection, Linen & Linen deftly tackle topics that can be difficult discussions and those that spark joy. Families and educators of young children will welcome the invitation to discussion that this dynamic collection brings.

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