The municipality of EThekwini will invest in an online system to facilitate access to burial registers, books for burials or cremations


DURBAN – eThekwini Municipality is investing nearly R 900,000 in technology that will make it easier for city residents to access cemetery services online.

The municipality announced earlier this year that it has introduced the digital software Synapsis, which is a record keeping system for cemeteries and crematorium management.

He also wants to activate the e-Government portal, which will enable government services online and reduce the cost for users to access these services.

Providing details on Synapis, a report filed with exco said: “This was aimed at transforming manual record keeping into electronic record keeping, but the implementation process has been slow due to lack of resources such as computers. , printers and lack of staff training. on the software.

He requested that the authority be given to the head of parks, recreation and culture to prioritize cemeteries and crematoria as essential services, and to purchase the number of computers required for the implementation of the software. Synapsis and the activation of the e-Government portal, to allow residents to access online reservations for burials and cremations at the cemetery.

The report requested that the priority be R861,000 from the outreach vote to activate an online portal for online cemetery burial and cremation bookings in fiscal years 2012 – 2023.

Municipal spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela said that at present, in South Africa alone, more than 200 municipal cemeteries are administered through the use of the software, and the total number of records is Burial and cremation at all facilities currently stands at over one million records.

He said the software combines elements of electronic record keeping, workflow management, and built-in checks and balances, to ensure legal compliance and the use of the latest e-government concepts to help supervisors of government departments. Municipal cemeteries to stay on top of their operations, improve service delivery to the public, and streamline interactions with registered funeral directors.

Mayisela said some of the main benefits for the community included that burial records could be found on demand in just seconds, instead of days, weeks and, in some cases, months.

“Thanks to the soon-to-be-introduced e-administration portal, members of the public will be able to search for burial records through the municipal website, without the assistance of municipal staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. , and in the comfort of their own home. or business.

“With the built-in electronic navigation aid, members of the public will be able to locate individual graves using modern portable computing devices such as smartphones or notepads 24/7. and without the help of municipal staff, ”he said.


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