The GrandPad Tablet May Be the Best Thing Seniors Will Want to Use



Rapid advancements in technology are no doubt a boon, but only for those who can get the most out of it. Unfortunately, older people who are well past their prime rarely fall into the above category. Ironically, it was the technology itself that came to the rescue of seniors in the form of the GrandPad tablet.

Now, there is nothing too revolutionary about the GrandPad. On the contrary, it’s just that the tablet has been optimized for use by older people who may already be suffering from cognitive and motor impairments. The tablet circumvents these shortcomings by using extra large icons as well as voice texting and closed captioning features. That’s not all, but video calling has also been made a lot easier.

The GrandPad also allows the elderly to listen to music or play games. They can also get along with a little reading or share photos with loved ones. The tablet is also preloaded with the apps the user needs, along with their preferences and contacts. All of this makes the tablet usable right out of the box itself. Buyers will need to purchase the GrandPad subscription to benefit from the device.

To keep things simple, the tablet’s retail box comes with everything needed to make the device work. This includes a wireless charging station that doubles as a tablet stand. This will save the user from having to deal with wires every time the tablet needs to be recharged. The tablet is packaged in a smart case while a stylus is also provided for easy use.

In addition, taking out the subscription will lead to the establishment of a family network around the user. This means that the authorized family member will have unhindered access to the GrandPad and will be able to make changes such as updating phone numbers, changing setting options and other features through the companion app or through the web portal. Each member will be able to share comments, photos, etc., and will be able to see what other group members are sharing.

Additionally, it is the family network that can be considered the most vital feature of the GrandPad, as it allows seniors to stay connected to those who matter most to them. With age and hearing or vision deterioration, it is easy for them to feel estranged from other family members. This can cause stress or depression to build up within them, leading to a host of other ailments. However, with the family network, a simple “hello” or other acts like sharing photos can work wonders.

As for the price, the GrandPad can be purchased by paying $ 79 per month depending on the monthly plan or $ 58 per month for 12 months depending on the annual plan option. What is included is the device itself with all software support and cellular data. Support staff are available 24/7. The price includes the insurance of the device which undertakes to replace the tablet in the event of breakage.


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