The 5 best color eBook readers of 2021



There are two types of commercially available color electronic papers, and many electronic readers use this technology. E INK Kaliedo Plus, which is the second generation of Kaleido. This technology appeals to the biggest brands, which already have an established relationship with E INK. Compared with the first generation, it can display a wider color gamut, higher optical quality, and can display 100 PPI. DES Slurry is another new technology which was only released this year, it is fundamentally different, however the colors are sharper and can easily display 140PPI. Since there are now two competing color options, what are the best products to buy in 2021 and through 2022?

# 5 – Bigme Pro B1 Plus

The Bigme B1 Pro Plus is the first 10.3 inch digital note-taking device with an E INK Kaleido 2 e-paper panel, which can display thousands of different colors. It is compatible with all major EMR / WACOM styli and is fully capable of 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity. What is more impressive, this device runs Android 11 and has English. This makes it fully relevant to anyone in the western world who wants a top writing slate. You can draw and annotate in e-books, manga, magazines, newspapers, and PDF files uploaded to the side. This not only makes it good for people who need a professional level business tool, but it is also ideal for education markets and graphic designers. It is available in English which should appeal to a wider audience.

# 4 Top Joy Butterfly 7.8

The Topjoy Butterfly features a 7.8 inch screen using DES Slurry color electronic paper technology. It has a black and white resolution of 1872 × 1404 and 300 PPI, the color will be displayed at 150 PPI. It has an EMR layer, which is compatible with a number of styluses, but Topjoy provides theirs and it has 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity. There’s a robust note-taking app, where you can choose from dozens of colors, brushes, pens, pencils, or highlighters. This will give users the option of freehand drawing, sketching, or handwriting on the screen. There is an illuminated screen up front with a series of LED lights at the bottom of the bezel, which cast the light evenly across the screen. You can control the brightness with the drop-down menu via a scroll bar.

Under the hood is a 1.8 GHz 4-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. There is WIFI and Bluetooth 5.1, so you can use a pair of wireless headphones. It’s powered by a 3,200mAh battery, which should give you a month of battery life. The Butterfly 7.8 runs Google Android 11 and comes with a number of preinstalled apps such as Amazon Kindle, Google Chrome, Facebook, and a number of note readers and ebooks. At present, this device is capable of reading TXT and PDF files, and more formats will be available soon.

# 3 Color Inkpad Pocketbook

Inkpad Color uses second generation E INK Kaleido electronic color paper technology. It has a 7.8 inch E INK Carta HD and a Kaleido 2 CFA. The resolution of the B&W panel is 1872 × 1404 with 300 PPI, the resolution of the color filter matrix is ​​624 × 468 with 100 PPI and can display 4096 different colors. One of the main reasons the colors appear more vivid on the Pocketbook is because it has a recessed bezel with an exposed e-paper screen. There is no glass or WACOM layer that gets in the way between your eyes and the screen. It has an illuminated front display with 24 LED lights, so you can read at night. The overall color scheme is piano black and features a silver / gray accent on the bottom and back of the e-reader. There are physical page change buttons at the bottom, as well as a home button and more. You can choose to turn the pages by mashing buttons or swiping and gesturing on the touchscreen.

Under the hood is a 1GHZ dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. There are a number of people who might find these specs a bit of a let down. We live in a world of smartphones with 8 to 12 core processors, 12 GB of RAM, and tons of other advanced hardware. Pocketbook is an electronic reader, you mainly use it for reading e-books, listening to audiobooks, you can also consult manga, magazines, newspapers or even webtoons with the internet browser. An e-reader is a single-use device, but Pocketbook has a few tricks up its sleeve, which I’ll cover in the software section.

# 2 Hisense A7 CC

The Hisense A7 CC is the first E INK color smartphone of 2021 and it has flagship specs, which could possibly be your daily driver. It has excellent hardware specifications and 5G internet access compatible with most European and American carriers. Great strides have been made with electronic color paper over the past four months. There is now greater grayscale uniformity and color accuracy, providing a great experience when browsing the internet, using apps, or reading a comic book or book. a graphic novel.

The Hisense A7 features a 6.7-inch E INK Carta HD and E INK Kaleido 2.0 color filter array. The black and white resolution is 900 × 1800 with 300 PPI and the color filter can display 4096 colors with 100 PPI. It features a front-lit display with LED lights along the bottom of the bezel and projects the light evenly onto the screen, not into your eyes. The lighting system can be completely turned off, completely turning off the LED lights. This phone has a glass-based screen that is flush with the bezel, it comes with a matte screen protector that is applied at the factory level, so you don’t have to install it yourself.

# 1 Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color

The Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color includes a 7.8-inch E Ink Carta HD and Kaleido Plus color filter array. The screen is completely aligned with the bezel and has a flat AG glass cover lens. The resolution of the black and white screen is 1872 × 1404 with 300 PPI and the color screen has a resolution of 624 × 468 with 100 PPI. One of the most exciting things about the Nova 3 Color is the inclusion of a WACOM layer, so you can use it as a dedicated note-taking device. There are 8 colors to choose from in the drawing app and Onyx has one of the best freehand drawing experiences, with tons of advanced options. The accompanied stylus has 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity, the harder you press, the thicker the lines become. It also has palm rejection technology, so it won’t recognize your hand resting on the screen as touch interactions.

Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octa Core processor, 3GB of DDR4X RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. It has a USB-C port with OTG and also has Quick Charge 4.0, so you can fully power it in under an hour. This model has two speakers which are positioned next to the USB port, this is similar to how the iPhone does. There is Bluetooth 5.0, so you can listen to music and audiobooks through a pair of wireless headphones or earphones. There is a microphone port at the bottom, which can be used for voice communication and also speech to text on the digital note taking app, it also has a new function which allows you to record your audio notes and can be read whenever you want. It is powered by a 3150mAh battery, runs Android 10, and has Google Play.


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