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Hello summer stockists,

We are back on this version! With A1s and SETC releasing preliminary information for their 2022 conferences, we’re helping you go through all the reminders you’re sure to receive.

In this article we are talking about step 7 | Navigate the reminder.

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So, after you’ve submitted your virtual auditions / pre-screens, it’s time to …

STEP # 7: Navigate the reminder

Student Blog: Summer Stock Central: Step # 7 |  Navigate the reminder While the goal of this article is to focus on the virtual recall process, I will briefly mention the recall procedure for an in-person hearing conference, especially A1s. Essentially, once your audition group has finished performing, several pieces of paper will be displayed in a designated location with the name of the site at the top and the numbers of those that site would like to see for reminders. Personally, I’ve had some that were just another dance call with vocal reminders and readings then occurring for those who made the cut. My recalls were at Pearl Studios, but I was also aware of people having recalls in hotel rooms and other spaces.

However, when it comes to (digital) recall navigation … there are three key ideas to keep in mind:

1. Speed

2. Have a reader

3. Personality

1. Speed

If a venue has taken an interest in you and decided they want to know more about you … don’t wait! Start filming as soon as you are instructed, because almost all of these digital reminders are just auto tapes. If they give you 1 week, try to get that reminder through the proper procedure and format within 3-4 days. Not only will your expedited process show interest and investment on your part, but having your material before the deadline will give them time to watch and record your performance, instead of passing them through. 10 seconds on your submission if you send it. on the deadline with the rest of the pack.

2. Have a reader in person

If the sides are given, and the side is not a monologue, ALWAYS get a reader in person. Of course, if you’re in a rush, you can always record yourself reading the other person’s lines and edit them during post-production. However, having a live player right on the other side of the camera creates more “in the moment” energy and helps convince the casting director of the venue of your ability to work and interact with others. humans as part of a whole.

3. Personality

I know that for a few of my digital callbacks, I was asked to talk about myself or perform material that represented me well. These sites want to hire great artists, but they also want to hire great people. Don’t be afraid to show them who you are or what kind of material you are passionate about. After all, the last thing you want to do is show an insincere part of yourself, get the job, and then be miserable all summer long because you’re not vibrating with culture and energy. of the company.

That’s about it for this opus!

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