Spy x Family Episode 6 is now online: watch


Spy x Family is deservedly one of the biggest new anime series of the spring anime season, and with the adventures of the Forger Family airing on a weekly schedule, the sixth episode has arrived for viewers. With the previous episode seeing Anya enter Eden College and the Forger Clan celebrating the news via a hilarious spy mission, the latest episode sees the young telepath witness Eden for the first time in an episode titled “The Friendship Scheme”.

Spy x Family is an animated series that is a collaboration between two major animation studios, with CloverWorks and Wit partnering to tell the animated story of the Forgers. CloverWorks is best known for its earlier work on the likes of The Promised Never Land and Fairy Tailwhile Wit is undoubtedly best known for the likes of Ranking of kings and the first three seasons of The attack of the Titans. From the six episodes that are now available, it’s clear that the two studios have certainly managed to strike the right balance when it comes to working together to tell the story of this family that hides more than a few secrets. to one another.

The official Twitter account of Spy x Family shared the news of the arrival of the sixth episode, sharing some images from the latest installment which sees Anya attempt to make friends at the prestigious academy which is the keystone of the mission her father, master spy Twilight, is attempting to succeed :

The official description of the sixth episode of Spy x Family reads as such on Crunchyroll:

“Anya’s uniform is complete. Loid has to go to a WISE strategy meeting, so he asks Yor to collect the uniform as he heads to the hideout. At the meeting, he discovers that Anya will need to receive 8 Star Stars and become an Imperial Scholar at Eden College so he can complete Operation Strix. Meanwhile, Anya is very excited about getting her new uniform. But he There are always criminals hunting for wealthy Eden College students and Anya is targeted by a group of thugs.”

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