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Chicago, Illinois – December 27, 2021 – With kids spending up to 10 hours a day obsessed with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, these devices are shaping what they’ll become as adults. The book Digital Parenting written by Daryl Lim allows parents to disconnect their children from cyber territory and encourage them to spend more time in the real world. This comprehensive book helps mothers and fathers strike a balance between protecting young people from the dangers lurking online and allowing them to use the Internet as a constructive resource. With its insightful information on scams, perception, balance, and overall well-being, the Parenting eBook helps parents navigate the web in a way that protects children and hones their coping skills. inside and outside the family unit.

Digital Parenting provides parents with the knowledge to help young people navigate the unfamiliar and often hostile world of social media. It covers sensitive topics such as the sexual grooming of children by online predators; cyberbullying which can affect self-esteem; sedentary lifestyle; and internet addiction. This all-inclusive book also examines the pressure of unrealistic standards created by virtual reality (VR). By becoming more aware and familiar with the key issues that exist in the online world, moms and dads can raise and transform their children into responsible, mentally well and happier people in the digital age.

As the most important and present people in a child’s life, parents play an important role in helping them learn, develop and refine their skills, beliefs, values ​​and coping strategies. . The ever-changing online world can make this a formidable task. Digital Parenting acts as a toolkit for discovering the many aspects associated with technology and anticipating how children might encounter and react to them. This informative book helps create tech-savvy parents and guardians who guide children to connect with the far corners of the world safely and in a way that has positive outcomes from youth to adulthood. .

Disconnect your children from the web and encourage constructive activity.

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