New Freckles Survey Shows Where Americans Get Their Pounds


The Freckle Report released its semi-annual survey of adult book shopping habits in the United States with support from Each library institutea non-profit organization that supports public libraries.

The Freckle Report is a survey and examination of consumer reading habits that is regularly updated, and for its April 2022 survey, it asked 667 adults in the United States the question “Where did you get this book?”

The responses provide insight into the ever-changing landscape of print, e-book, and audiobook usage in the United States. The survey also shows how libraries play a key role in access to books.

“This latest survey shows that libraries are helping to get books into people’s hands,” said John Chrastka, executive director of EveryLibrary Institute. “There is a lingering misconception that libraries are becoming obsolete, but the survey shows that books and reading continue to be an important part of American culture. In addition, libraries play a vital role in reading communities and culture.

Mr. Chrastka went on to say, “Libraries continue to uplift people, providing them with reading materials, research materials and other resources. And we should continue to support libraries in our communities.


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