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MADISON – Madison Public Library Expands Digital Collection From CloudLibrary to Libby app, starting Monday January 3.

Libby, a very popular service in libraries across the country, is a free app that allows users to borrow eBooks, magazines, and digital audiobooks from their public library. Users can stream books with Wi-Fi or mobile data, or download them for offline use and read them anywhere and anytime.

The Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN) library consortium, of which Madison is a member,

made the change because Libby is a more reliable and user-friendly application that will double the size of the collection.

In addition to offering a larger collection of eBooks and eBook Audiobooks, Libby will make more than 3,000 magazines available for instant borrowing, including The Economist, The New Yorker, US Weekly, Good Housekeeping and more. It will also allow Kindle users to borrow library books.

Residents can now use their library cards to access thousands of digital titles shared among the 49 MAIN libraries.

“Providing a single app – Libby – to access all three types of content will be much more convenient for library users than accessing multiple apps,” said Phillip Berg, executive director of MAIN. “Improving access to library services and sharing our collective resources among ourselves is at the heart of the mission of all libraries.

To get started using Libby, library card holders can download the app to their smartphones and computers by visiting, users will then be prompted to search for their library name, and then enter their library card number.

Due to the large size of the collections shared in MAIN, the transfer process for the over 75,000 titles is expected to take a few weeks, but should be completed by the end of January.

Users may experience long wait times on popular titles until all content is uploaded to Libby, although the wait times decrease as the contest moves throughout the month.

As people read and listen to more and more books on their smartphones or tablets, they are finding that one of the best resources is their local public library, MAIN said in a statement.

Named one of Popular Mechanics’ “20 Best Apps of the Decade,” Libby seeks to seamlessly connect novice users and experienced readers to digital collections. This locally curated collection includes bestsellers, new releases, classics and everything in between. Readers of all ages can choose from virtually any topic, from mysteries to romances to business development.

Readers can browse Libby, instantly borrow titles, and start reading or listening for free with a valid library card. This service is compatible with all major computers and devices.

All titles will automatically expire at the end of the 14 day loan period and there are no late fees. Readers can also download titles to devices through the Libby app for offline use.


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