Launch of the new E-Paper ESL powered by perovskite solar technology



E-Paper is already known for its extreme energy efficiency although Polish developer of solar perovskites, Willow Technologies, seems to have found a way to take things to a new level. According to the company, they developed the technology to integrate electronic paper shelf labels with perovskite solar panels, making it unique in the world. The company further added that the new e-paper electronic shelf labels use a two-color or three-color E Ink panel.

The integration of Perovskite solar panels can be considered special as these panels provide high efficiency even under conditions of artificial light or indirect indoor lighting, unlike most other solar panels which only perform optimally when exposed to direct sunlight. In this way, Perovskite solar panels are perfect for electronic shelf labels that find application in warehouses or shopping malls.

While ESLs are rarely exposed to direct sunlight, with the built-in Perovskite solar panels, these can still function with the interior light present. This makes each of the ESLs stand-alone and can operate on their own without requiring an external power supply. PESLs also come in different shapes and sizes ranging from 1.54 inches to even 12.5 inches.

Meanwhile, Sulate Technologies also said that it is looking to offer complete hardware and software systems and all associated elements that support the operation of the PESL. This includes data relays as well as cloud computing and analytical capabilities. This way, companies that adopt PESL will have a one-stop-shop solution for their ESL needs.


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