Kobo Plus eBook Library subscription service launched in Australia


Kobo launched its subscription e-book library service named Kobo Plus in Australia. Interestingly, Kobo has yet to officially announce the launch of the service, although this is already reflected on the company’s official Australian site. With that, Australia would join a very exclusive list of countries – Canada, Belgium, Netherlands – where the Kobo Plus service is available at the moment.

Kobo also offers a free trial to help users decide if they really want to opt in. According to what the Kobo Plus page reported, the subscription will cost $ 13.99 per month with applicable taxes. This places it in the price category in which Kindle Unlimited operates and is understandable given that Kobo Plus would effectively compete with the Amazon library’s e-book subscription service.

The Kobo Plus free trial, on the other hand, can be started through the Kobo eReader, kobo.com, or the Kobo Android app. Oddly, the same is not available on the Kobo iOS app. In addition, the trial offer is only applicable on the Kobo Plus e-book reserved for it. Those without a valid Kobo account will need to fill in their credit card and other billing information. Kobo will charge subscription fees only for users who choose to continue the service.

Kobo said that Kobo Plus eBooks can also be read offline, for which there is a fixed allowance of 15 Kobo Plus eBooks to read on a Kobo e-reader or through Kobo.com. Users will have 30 days to read the 15 e-books. This will be a boon for those who don’t frequently connect to Wi-Fi or while traveling. After all 15 eBooks or 30 days are over, users will need to sign in and sync their eReader or app, extending the deadline to an additional 30 days.

Kobo has stated that there are hundreds and thousands of eBooks available under Kobo Plus, although not all Kobo books are covered by the subscription plan. More and more books are being added all the time.


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