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A Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo has said that his epic new movie, titled ‘King of Thieves’ known as Agesinkole, has grossed over 250 million naira in its first three weeks in theaters.
Adebayo revealed this in an interview with reporters on Sunday in Ilorin.
He said the film, which cost him several million naira to produce, grossed over 43 million naira in three days when it first opened in theaters despite the Ramadan period.
The popular film producer, lawyer and actor has said the plan is to leave the film in theaters for two months where it is expected to fetch as much as N200 million.
“In the history of Nollywood, no movie has ever made 43 million naira in three days after it opened in theaters, that’s an amount of money that some movies will earn in three months.
“The movie actually paved the way for a lot of vendors and producers who are producing indigenous content,” he said.
Adebayo, who revealed the film took him over a year to produce, said it was a huge success and he least expected the acceptability of the work.
He said the film was his first traditional film, adding that he had always dreamed of producing this kind of film for so many years in the industry.
“The plan was to make a huge movie that will remind people of the beauty of Yoruba culture and I waited for the time.
“My intention was to show the beauty of Yoruba culture to the world and at the same time be able to say a thing or two about society, especially our leaders.
“When I was much younger I had the opportunity to see the beautiful works of Albert Ogunde, he showed that beauty in Yoruba culture as a Yoruba man,” Adebayo said.
Talking about the challenges faced during the production of the film, Adebayo said he had to embark on extensive research on Ifa as a Muslim.
He added that finding a location to shoot the film took them a long time.
“I saw everything that fascinated me in the place we got later, the village, the river.
“I saw almost 70% of my film in there even though we had to build more, our caster team was scared due to insecurity and we had to tighten security.
“If you look at the cast, we had ‘list actors’, it was hard to get their time together, waiting for them to have consistent timing took almost a year and a half to plan the movie,” revealed Adebayo.
Even though Adebayo refused to put a label on the production cost, he reluctantly nodded to agree that he broke the 100 million naira mark to produce Agesinkole.
A source from Tidesports reports that “King of Thieves” is an epic tale of Agesinkole, an all-powerful bandit, and his reign of terror in the prosperous kingdom of Ajeromi.
Concerned about its plunder, the kingdom sets out to destroy it, through hunters, witches and priests, thus beginning this adventurous saga of vengeance, bravery and glory.


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