Interesting Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Kindle eReader Devices



The Kindle e-reader has been around for a while now, since it was released in 2007. What this means, those who bought later models of the e-reader may end up with older models lying around with them. They may no longer be of much use to them even though they are still functional. However, instead of throwing them away, here are a few ways, as MUO pointed out, to make them work.

Read on to find out how the old Kindle in your home can still help you. However, before you begin, here is a caveat. Most of the projects described here require some Kindle tweaking, albeit minor. Additionally, software will almost always need to be jailbroken to overcome manufacturer restrictions. Any hardware level change will be minor at best and will require the addition of electronic components such as an Arduino. You won’t need a lot of hardware or software expertise to start the projects described here.

So let’s get started.

1. Kindle Display Literary Clock

It might be the best thing to do with an old and used Kindle other than reading it. In addition, it is not only the time that is displayed, but a quote from a book is also displayed every minute. It might sound intimidating to first-time users, but luckily Japp Meijers who designed the project has us covered. He took most of the quotes displayed by the device from a list the Guardian newspaper had compiled and added them to a script he wrote.

In addition, Meijers used a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi model for the Literary Clock project, the one that came with a keyboard and introduced in 2010. You can use the same model for this project, although many have reported having successfully put implementing the project on later-generation touchscreen models of the Kindle as well. The end user will only have to install the script after jailbreaking the Kindle, which instructions have all been provided.

2. Kindle Refrigerator Notice Board

An old Kindle device attached to the refrigerator can serve as a great bulletin board for sending funny e-mail messages. That way, it can be a good way to fix a device that might have become redundant. Anyone with the device’s e-mail identifier will be able to send messages which will be displayed until the next e-mail arrives. Also, the whole setup might seem a bit complicated as it requires running a web server on a Raspberry Pi although Peter Vojtek who designed the project has provided detailed instructions on his website and can actually be quite a bit. easy to use. This way, not only are you making good use of the old Kindle, but you can also brighten up the fridge.

3. Kindle music player

Who would have thought that an old Kindle can be turned into a music reading device, when that is exactly what the project envisions. The process is also straightforward as it requires an ESP8266 for wireless connectivity implementation, in addition to installing some software after jailbreaking the Kindle. All the steps are detailed on the project page, and the Kindle may be the perfect music player you’ve always wanted. You’ll avoid investing in an iPad for the same price, which is not only a lot more expensive, but won’t be as pleasing to the eye as the Kindle.

4. Smart home display

Who would have thought it was an older Kindle device that sits under the Smart Home Display, a device that can display weather information, calendar events, upcoming deliveries, notes and more. ‘other information, what project developer Matt Healy wanted the device to remove. The implementation was straightforward as all you had to do was take a screenshot of a website every minute and display it on the Kindle.

Matt used a Kindle 4 device for the project which only needed to be jailbroken and didn’t require the addition of any specialized hardware units. You just have to follow the instructions provided and that’s it, the old Kindle that wasn’t very useful until the other day can now be a must-have Smart Home screen showing important information all the time .


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