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I know I wrote about a dear young man named Cole Ohrt from Mission Valley. Four years ago he was riding his family’s ATV and he rolled over and was paralyzed from the neck down.

They went to tons of doctors and even took a trip to China for special treatments, but basically he stayed the same.

Last year I told you about a special miracle when the family got a Lokamat Pro, a very expensive machine that helps people with spinal cord injuries “walk” by keeping them in place and moving their hands and arms.

It was a real “God story” as the machine costs well over half a million dollars and is produced in Europe. The family received a call from the manufacturer that a machine had been sent to the United States and the hospital that received it was available. They gave the machine to the Ohrt family for half price. Even then it was still expensive. Well, don’t tell the Ohrt family or their friends what you can’t afford or can’t do.

A friend offered to finance the purchase. Then God stepped in and motivated people to make it happen.

Bottom line, they made it work. They raised money and found a place to put it up for all of Victoria to share.

Last night they held their second fundraiser at VFW Hall in Cuero. Cole was there in his chair with a giant smile on his face. By the way, this young man believes he will be healed.

Your heart sinks seeing him and thinking about what could have been, but you can’t see Cole without realizing that God had a plan in all of this. Maybe we needed to have a Cole Ohrt among us to make us grateful for all we have. Maybe we needed to see strong faith in the midst of tragedy for us who don’t have strong faith. Maybe we needed a Cole Ohrt to motivate people to spend their money so others have a better life.

This Lokamat Pro machine is just one of seven in the state of Texas. There is something so special about little old Victoria with 100,000 inhabitants.

Last night they released a video showing local residents with strokes, paralysis and Parkinson’s disease using this machine. Cole could have kept this machine just for himself, but early on he said he wanted to help others who didn’t have insurance or needed access to this machine rather than going to a “big town” for treatment.

Well, get out your Kleenex, for the big news. During the video, they announced Cole moving his arm by himself two inches.

People were crying in shock and I found myself thanking God.

The young man who was repeatedly told that he would not move or walk, moved.

(If you believe in miracles, send a donation to the Cole Ohrt Foundation at 2221 FM 237, Victoria, Texas 77905.)

Barbara Breazeale is a mother of four and grandmother of seven. She is Director of Advancement of Victoria House of Palms, PO Box 4886, Victoria Texas 77903. [email protected]


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