E Ink Kaleido Plus first ePaper screen to obtain “Paper Like Display” certification from TÜV Rheinland


E Ink has announced that its Kaleido Plus ePaper color display has received the “Paper Like Display” certification from TÜV Rheinland Greater China. It also marks an important moment in the history of display standards as it is the first time that an industry standard for the scientific evaluation of ePaper displays has been designed. The E Ink Kaleido Plus display has achieved a PSI rating of 86, the highest ever awarded to an ePaper display by TÜV Rheinland to date.

So far, all existing display standards have focused on emissive displays such as LCD and OLED displays and do not apply to reflective displays such as the ePaper. However, with growing awareness of vision health at a time when screen time has increased dramatically due to the pandemic, the demand for ePaper displays has also seen a strong recovery. It also made it necessary to set up a metric system that could serve as a basis for evaluating ePaper displays.

E Ink said it worked with TÃœV Rheinland for two years on the same and developed metrics for the evaluation of specific optical indicators on the reading comfort that epaper displays provided. These parameters have since been combined with aspects such as reading comfort as well as user experience to design what has become the Paper Similarity Index or PSI. From a buyer’s perspective, the PSI will serve to allow buyers to get a feel for the usability of a particular display.

Unlike LCD or OLED displays which primarily emit light, ePaper displays are non-emissive and therefore have the least impact on the eyes. In fact, ePaper screens can be considered the digital embodiment of printing on paper and have the same feel as reading anything on real paper. Besides being soothing to the eyes, the other inherent advantage of ePaper screens is its frugal energy consumption rate.

Additionally, while E Ink displays were previously limited to shades of black and white, the new E Ink Kaleido Plus display, the first to receive PSI certification, offers 16 grayscale and 4,096 colors. This makes it ideal for representing colorful images and other detail graphics graphics, maps, advertisements, etc. The display is as readable indoors as it is outdoors in the sun.


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