Does the Toyota Mirai fit in too well?


Compared to battery electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles have barely received a second glance from consumers.

Although the Toyota Mirai hydrogen car is widely regarded as one of the most technically advanced passenger vehicles, consumers have instead preferred battery electrics.

Since the Mirai became available for purchase in 2015, around 10,000 have been sold.

As advanced as the Mirai hydrogen car is, it doesn’t stand out in traffic other than by looking like other types of luxury vehicles. The soundproofing, finish, cabin fit and even its heated seats also reflect that of a luxury vehicle. That said, driving it feels like an electric motor, and it moves quicker and more nimble than its actual 4,200-pound weight would indicate.

This is a great video review showing the features of the Mirai…

The Mirais only distinguish themselves as hydrogen cars once their hoods are open. There, the fuel cells, labeled as such, become visible. The refillable H2 tank is located behind the rear seat. When in operation, the only emissions are water and heat, without any greenhouse gases.

Transport accounts for 20% of global emissions, but a hydrogen car is not as popular as heavy-duty H2 vehicles

As trucks, buses, ships, trains and other heavy-duty and long-haul vehicles increasingly turn to H2 as a zero-emissions fuel – as do hard-to-decarbonise industries, such as steel manufacturing – the same cannot yet be said for passenger vehicles, even despite the luxury styles.

While many countries and companies are focusing on H2 among clean energy technologies, it does not seem that the Toyota Mirai 2022 has the opportunity to be as popular as battery electric vehicles, which have gained considerable momentum, especially in the past two years. .

For one thing, hydrogen car models don’t roll out as quickly as battery-electric models. On the other hand, charging station networks are growing rapidly in many regions, but H2 refueling station networks are not growing as fast. Between the much larger capacity of electric batteries compared to fuel cell vehicles and the fact that consumers can see more places to recharge than to refuel, it could be difficult for H2-powered passenger vehicles to catch up in the near future, which we hope is not the case.

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