Can the Apple iPad Mini 6 be a good eBook reader?


The iPad Mini 6 is hands down one of the best things – aside from the iPhone 13 – that Apple launched at its spring event. With an A15 Bionic chip, the new iPad Mini 6 is a powerhouse of a device that belies its small proportions. Add to that its glossy screen and full-day battery life, and you’ve got one of the best tablets for reading books, playing games, watching movies, and more.

Here we are going to find out how good the new iPad Mini 6 is for bookworms.

Now, the new iPad Mini 6 has a larger 8.6-inch screen illuminated by 2266 x 1488 pixels. Apple prefers to call it Liquid Retina which contains 326 pixels per square inch. That’s way better than the maximum 265 PPI that even the top-performing iPad Pro has to offer. This should be an indication of the crisp images the new iPad Mini 6 is capable of.

In comparison, the Fire HD 8, which comes closest to the iPad Mini in terms of dimensions, has an 8-inch HD display of 1280 x 800 pixels with a pixel density of 189 PPI. The new Kindle Paperwhite does better with a pixel density of 300 PPI, but that compares chalk to cheese.

The iPad Mini 6 also impresses with its color reproduction with an accurate representation of different color tones. The brightness and contrast are also great, making it a truly immersive viewing experience. There is something called “jelly scrolling” experienced by many that has spoiled the fun for some, although Apple has said it is not an issue that needs to be addressed.

So, does all of this make the new iPad Mini a beautiful e-reading device?

It’s something that may have been in demand for ages now, the iPad vs Kindle, and let’s get it straight about it. For those looking for pure reading pleasure, there’s nothing better than the Kindle, and the new Kinde Paperwhite is great stuff.

However, if you’re looking for a handy and portable multitasking device, nothing can beat the iPad Mini right now. Colorful comics are just great on the Apple device, as are smooth animations. Another great advantage of the iPad Mini is its compliance with the Apple Pencil 2 and can be used for taking notes on the screen.

So, for those who do research and read a lot of academic books, the iPad Mini may make more sense as there is still a possibility to take quick notes or burn a diagram. If they need to dig deeper into any topic, just fire up the browser and search online for other resources. The iPad Mini will simply excel in such roles. You will also be able to communicate and collaborate with others thanks to the plethora of messaging apps it supports.

The Kindle, on the other hand, is just about reading, and it can easily exceed your expectations on that aspect. Sure, there’s a built-in browser, but you’d better do some light research than do anything serious with it. That said, the front-lit E Ink display causes the least eye strain compared to the iPad Mini’s front-lit display that can cause eye strain if viewed continuously even for long periods of time. a few hours.

When it comes to audiobooks, the iPad and Kindle are on the same level, which extends to both without a 3.5mm headphone jack as well. Interestingly, the new Paperwhite doesn’t even have a speaker, although the same one on the iPad Mini offers well-balanced audio output.

Which one to choose

So the choice between the iPad Mini and an e-reader depends on individual preferences, whether it is a pure e-book reading device you are looking for or a multitasking tablet. The thing to note here is that the iPad Mini was primarily designed as a tablet and is pretty good at it. It’s small and light, is among the fastest in its class, has a great display, offers support for Apple Pencil 2, a day’s battery life and more.

The Amazon Fire 8 HD may also be a decent offering in this segment, but it stops being. It falls short of the iPad Mini 6 in terms of performance and features, but can be bought for half the price of the iPad Mini 6.

For those looking for a device that offers pure reading enjoyment without any distraction, look nowhere other than the Kindle.


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